Global Solutions Warehouse Inc. provides logistics and procurement consultancy to manufacturing and
retail businesses. We are a small team of motivated supply chain and procurement professionals, highly
experienced in many sectors.

Global Solutios Warehouse Inc. works with clients to define supply chain strategies, design and implement
major programmes of change and give advice on continuous improvement to operational management to
achieve a leading edge performance.

Global Solutions Warehouse Inc. uses a set of supply chain design methods and tools that have been built
from experience over the past 15 years and provide a proven approach to supply chain development. We
will always make clear to you the reasons behind any recommendation that we propose.

Global Solutions Warehouse Inc. has no hidden agendas, no systems to sell, no large overheads to cover
and no minimum project size. Integrity is at the heart of our business. Our principles are based on practical
experience and expertise with a committed and resourceful approach. In executing major projects, we work
collaboratively with selected specialist businesses that share these values and levels of experience.